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Ventland strives towards innovation, making efforts to meet the customer’s  satisfaction.

Since 1980, Dong Yang ventlation always has been at the forefront of innovation in Korea HVAC industry. We produce over 100 type of ventilators based on our foremost expertise as an oldest ventilator manufacturer in South Korea.

Under the Principle of Innovation, Harmony, and Services, Dong Yang Ventilation is determined to deliver complete satisfaction through eco-friendly and innovative products. We promise our customers that we will continuously deliver reliability and ‘customer first’ service through innovative products.

Company Dong Yang Ventilation Co., LTD
Business Type Manufacturer
ndustry Fans, Ventilator, Metal Sheet Work, Electric Parts
Products Sirocco Fans, Stationary Fans, Wall Ventilators
Address 11 Juseok-ro, 184 Beon-gil, Namyang-eup Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Phone +82 31 366 8233
FAX +82 31 366 8232

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40 Years of Expertise
The Key Technology of Korea’s No. 1 Ventilator Brand.

Introducing  our  best selling products the Ventulator and anti Backdraft Wall Cap.  The ventilators provides steady return air ventilation through using venturi effect creating pressure differential with exterior wind impacting cone shaped guide plates.

Venturi Effect
Moving Air Towards Broad Space to Narrow Space. 

The venturi effect is a case where fluid flows through a tube that narrows, the velocity of the fluid increases as it flows through narrower tube while the pressure decreases  due to conservation of energy. The effect is an example of Venturi Effect.

We experience venturi effect through out in our daily lives.
For example, indoor ventilation by open windows involves the venturi effect by pushing out warm indoor air(borad space) through windows(narrow space).

Also shower involves venturi effect by pushing out the water in the hose through narrow perforations of the shower head.

As we use venturi effects on straw to drink beverage and the water pumps to move fluid from one location to another, Ventland’s Ventualtor and Anti-Backdraft Wall Cap also applied venturi effect for return air ventilation.

We have gained the concept of Ventulator from 1985 31st National Science Fair Project Award winning project “Principle of Ventilation in Ant Colonies”. 13 years later, in 1998 we have developed the Ventualtor using the concept.

Ventualtor is a ventilator which applied venturi effect to provide excellent ventilation by using impact between exterior wind and guide plate creating combine effects of wind and pressure differentials.


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